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Hi Darren. Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your commentary during a very exciting Ryder Cup 2014! Also, any chance you would reveal the details of your black and white tie and pocket hanky that your wore on the Saturday of the tournament, Alan liked them a lot!! Wendy and Alan.

Wendy Reid

Hi Wendy, the tie was from Ken Young in Coleraine and is from a new knitted range which I think is Hugo Boss. The hanky was a gift from my lovely wife and is Alexander McQueen! Nice to have a question on fashion for a change!! Cheers, Darren.

Hello Darren!! I am originally from the isle of Skye ;-). My husband Jim and I are great fans of yours! We Clarkes have to stick together! You look wonderful and we are so very happy for you, Alison and the boys!! Stay strong!! Love and hugs, RaeRae & Jimmy Clarke

Raerae (Rynae) Clarke

Thanks for the message, always good to hear from more Clarkes! Cheers, DC

You were a marvelous commentator during the Ryder Cup. Think you would be an fantastic Captain!! All the best to you and your family. Sam and Jacqueline Cannon

Jacqueline Cannon

Just to say God bless & have been a U S fan of yours for years. You seem to be such a regular guy. So unassuming. Have enjoyed seeing you on Ryder Cup coverage. Hope to see you more. Jerry.

Jerry Day

Many thanks Jerry, was an enjoyable experience and with our guys coming out on top was just great! Cheers, Darren.

Watching the Scottish Open and your certainly looking very fit indeed! Wishing I could do the same. Could you give us a tip or two as to what changes in diet and exercise have been most effective in becoming more fit? Thanks!

Kirt Lastinger

Hi Kirt, thanks for the complimentary mail! I must say I've worked pretty hard on the fitness and diet and it certainly has paid dividends! By chance I met a guy at a Pro-Am in September last year who is a trainer of the Educogym system and he suggested I give it a go! Well I did and it worked! You have to be quite controlled to do it successfully and with the system it is all weight training (no cardio), diet and supplements. Cutting out alcohol and eating plenty of lean meat, fish and vegetables. I'm proof that it works so good luck if you decide to give it a go! All the best, Darren.

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