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Watching the Scottish Open and your certainly looking very fit indeed! Wishing I could do the same. Could you give us a tip or two as to what changes in diet and exercise have been most effective in becoming more fit? Thanks!

Kirt Lastinger

Hi Kirt, thanks for the complimentary mail! I must say I've worked pretty hard on the fitness and diet and it certainly has paid dividends! By chance I met a guy at a Pro-Am in September last year who is a trainer of the Educogym system and he suggested I give it a go! Well I did and it worked! You have to be quite controlled to do it successfully and with the system it is all weight training (no cardio), diet and supplements. Cutting out alcohol and eating plenty of lean meat, fish and vegetables. I'm proof that it works so good luck if you decide to give it a go! All the best, Darren.

Hi Darren, sorry 2 ask u I have trouble hitting down on my irons any tips?

Colin Clark

Hi Col, firstly concentrate on keeping your posture throughout the swing and not dipping your shoulders as this makes you use your hands more. A good way to practice is put your weight slightly forward on your left side like you when you chip etc. Good luck and hope it helps. Cheers, Darren.

Hi Darren, I am originally from Northern Ireland what do you think of Royal County Down as an Irish Open course and what changes would you make to make it harder for an open?

Mark Ross

Hi Mark, Royal County Down is a great course and the only thing perhaps would be to grow the rough up and narrow the fairways a tad but that would be about it. Cheers, Darren.

My Goodness, Darren!! You look terrific. So good that I googled you and found this website. BTW - I absolutely dig your attitude - more than most, you are you! Right? I smoke about 4 cigars a round and wondered if you have a favorite?? Now, why I googled you: With 10 pages of Q&A, I couldn't read all the Qs, but did see where you said your program was weights, diet and supplements. I can get at the weights and diet, but know nothing about supplements. Is it possible to share the supplements you take? Thanks & congrats on all of your life accomplishments, including The Open Championship victory! Take Care, Chris

Chris Bianco

Hi Chris, many thanks for the message and the compliments!!! My favourite cigars are the Hoyo de Monterrey Double Coronas! The weight loss system I have used is called Educo Gym and involves weights, diet and supplements. There are a few different types of supplements but things like Amino Energise tablets, Amino-Or and Creatine Powder are some of them. With the whole system it is really important to do utilise the whole system and I would recommend seeking out an Educo Gym specialist in your area should you fancy going down this road. As you can see, it works!!! Good luck, DC.

Hi Darren, what about your young lads, are they looking like following in your foot steps to the Professional Game? Kind Regards. Brian

Brian Burton

Hi Brian, Tyrone and Conor just love their golf and spend hours practising and playing at Royal Portrush with their mates. I think it's a bit too early to say yet whether they'd like to join the pro ranks as school comes first! Have to say that they're both pretty handy though! All the best, Darren.

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